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Nan Casteller is a construction game of natural wood pieces where the goal is to build Castells the higher the better and learn from every castell that falls. It allows the little ones to enter into the techniques of stacking and fitting to obtain diverse structures and scenarios, thus fomenting their imagination.
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  • 22,95 €

    Construction game built with natural wood pieces to explore creativity, imagination and skill. Set of pieces of natural wood cut quality with an original design that offers the possibility of building real models of castells.The game that recreates the Castells as the Castellers do in the square and also allows to make incredible constructions with hugs...

    22,95 €
  • 20,95 €

    Solid wood pieces construction game to explore the psychomotricity, balance, lace and empathy. Sets of 14 and 34 pieces of quality natural wood. Unique building game in which people embrace!

    20,95 €
  • 10,10 € 15,00 €

    Blocks of solid wood of great quality of geometric forms that allow to make a Nan Casteller and a enxaneta, besides all the constructions own of some blocks.The little ones already have the blocks of natural wood to make a Nan and a giant enxaneta!

    15,00 € 10,10 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items