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  • 21,90 €

    Magic cube with the 6 most characteristic panots on the streets of Barcelona. With 3D varnish with soft touch relief. Measures: 7x7x7 cm.

    21,90 €
  • 28,00 €

    BORDEAUX candleholder made from a single bottle. With a delicate matte that adds elegance to the transparency of the glass. Ideal for indoors and outdoors. Create a warm and cozy light. With a cork base that allows you to carry the candle holder without burning yourself. Available in 3 colours.Other products from Upcycling Bottles.

    28,00 €
  • 35,00 €

    Perpetual calendar with engraved numbers and months of the year. You just have to turn the cylinder to make the numbers run and bring it up to date. Materials and finishes: Waxed beech wood and painted iron. Measures: 150 x Ø80 mm Other CONTRAST products.

    35,00 €
  • 18,50 €

    Shitty notebook for brilliant ideas. A notebook with covers made by hand from Catalan donkey feces. Includes pencil. Available in Catalan and Spanish. Other Vifo Barcelona products.

    18,50 €
  • 27,50 €

    Emblematic Vinçon mural calendar 2022 designed by Amèrica Sànchez in 1975 that has become a cult and a classic design. Measures: 58 x 45 cm.

    27,50 €
  • 12,50 €

    The story to find ourselves in the difference. Rosa, a school teacher, will see how conflicts often appear among her students, derived from the discomfort and emotions that each one of them brings. So that they reconnect with each other and see that we have more points in common than we think, he proposes the circle game.

    12,50 €
  • 39,00 €

    Set of 4 glasses, with a nuanced finish, in blue. Specials to serve water, soft drinks or for a special presentation of a vermouth. Other products from Upcycling Bottles.

    39,00 €
  • 9,95 €

    Table Calendar Vinçon 2022 designed from the emblematic calendar by Amèrica Sànchez that has become a cult and a classic design. Measures: 15,5 x 12 cm. Other products by Vinçon.

    9,95 €
  • 12,70 €

    Patufet illustrated calendar 2022 with drawings of festive traditions of our country with stickers to remind you of your most important moments! Illustrations by Hugo Prades.Measures: 32 x 32 cm folded · 32 x 64 cm open.

    12,70 €
  • 36,00 €

    Set of 4 classic glasses, with a nuanced finish, in assorted colors. Specials to serve water, soft drinks or for a special presentation of a vermouth.Other products from Upcycling Bottles.

    36,00 €
  • 30,00 €

    Desk organizer to keep your desk clean and tidy of papers and documents. Designed to contain papers, notebooks, dossiers, folders ... or any type of document in A4 format. Materials and finishes: Waxed beech wood and painted iron. Measures: 300 x 100 x 250 mm This product is sold individually. Other CONTRAST products.

    30,00 €
  • 42,40 €

    The càntir Elefas 2021 of the 71 Festa del Càntir d'Argentona is a jug of the prestigious designer Oscar Tusquets Blanca, one of the references of the design of our land. Handcrafted of glazed pisa ceramics. Each jug is delivered with its individual personalized box with the original sketch of the jug made by Tusquets himself. Measures: 24 x 19 x 12 cm.

    42,40 €
  • 21,90 €

    Rubik's Cube with 6 illustrations of the most emblematic monuments and places of Barcelona. Measures: 5.7 x 5.7 x 5.7 cm.

    21,90 €
  • 27,00 €

    Simple and effective design: the bottle of the Ratafia L'Hostia is separated into two parts. Lid and base connect with a custom-made piece of cork for each bottle.Other products from Upcycling Bottles.

    27,00 €
  • 42,00 €

    Urbanauta U7 anti-theft waist bag made with the same material as the backpacks: 100% water-repellent polypropylene, 100% recyclable and resistant. Move comfortably and safely with the new Urbanauta waist bags.Available in 12 colors. Other Urbanauta products.

    42,00 €
  • 10,95 €

    For the 10th consecutive year Agenda de la Terra 2021-22 is published. An activist and responsible consumer guide.This agenda of the academic year measures the days and our surroundings uniting culture, nature and solidarity. Each week includes a paragraph on environmental education, solidarity, linguistic sustainability and personal growth.

    10,95 €
  • 9,50 €

    Agenda de la Terra de l'Escola 2021-22 arrives at the bookstores after passing through a lot of schools of the Països Catalans.Designed for primary education cycles, it collects pedagogical contents to stimulate children's critical thinking and self-esteem and make them work peace and solidarity, care for the environment or self-esteem.Agenda de la Terra...

    9,50 €
  • 42,00 €

    Cilindric Sport bag made of 3D technical fabric with shoulder strap, exterior zippered pocket and 2 interior pockets (one with zipper). Available in 9 colors.Other products Peter & Wolf.

    42,00 €
  • 59,00 €

    Mosaics earrings made of reclaimed wood and hand painted. An original gift for lovers of modernist mosaics. Surgical steel butterfly clasp. 7 models to choose from.Other products Pisando Barcelona.

    59,00 €
  • 11,90 €

    Sant Jordi's Rose candle made by hand of natural wax in the shape of a rose, the ideal gift for this Sant Jordi. Traditional fire wick. Includes box. 2 models available.· Open rose measures: Ø12 cm. x 6.2 cm. of height. 12 hours of burning. · Closed rose measures: Ø11 cm. x 9.3 cm. of height. 10 hours of burning.

    11,90 €
  • 20,30 €

    Sant Jordi self-adhesive ceramic mural composed of 1 hand-serigraphic tile of 20x10 cm. Each tile has an adhesive back that lets you quickly paste it to the wall without glue or cement.Measures and weight: 20x10 cm.; 0,8 kg.Other products by Bussoga.

    20,30 €
    Out of stock
  • 11,00 €

    Sant Jordi socks, the perfect combination of comfort and originality. 3 models and 2 sizes available.Adult size: from number 38-44. Child size: from number 32-37. Material: 65% Polyester 20% Cotton 13% Polyamide 2% Elastodiene. Other products Cha Chá. Made in Barcelona.

    11,00 €
  • 14,00 €

    The Corigami is a paper figure that turns into a heart in 3D, designed to be assembled without the need for glue thanks to a lace system, ideal for getting started in the art of origami. Measures: 23 × 16 cm. Weight: 100 gr. Other Plego products.

    14,00 €
  • 12,99 €

    Cava 'El Cigalero' brut nature Gran Reserva 2015 limited edition. The authentic cava of victory, pale yellow in color with notes of 'Que n’aprenguin' and a soft tinge of 'que no estamos tan mal'. To celebrate que no estamos tan mal! Other products by Casa Berger.

    12,99 €
  • 18,00 €

    The Candridae is a paper figure that turns into a brown crab, designed to be assembled without the need for glue. Its strong legs and body are easy to assemble, and it features beautiful screen-printed details on the shell and clips. Measures: 30 × 22 cm. Weight: 120 gr. Other Plego products.

    18,00 €
  • 56,00 €

    Puffy Sport shoulder bag made of 3D technical fabric made by hand with one interior zip pocket, one double interior pocket without closure and one exterior zippered pocket.Available in 8 colors. Other products Peter & Wolf.

    56,00 €
  • 24,90 €

    Original Catalan double-brimmed barretina (inner lining). No side seams. Felt knit and made according to the guidelines of the ancient barretinaires. Available in 10 colors and 2 sizes. Adult size (35 cms long, 25 cms wide). Children's size (27 cms long, 23 cms wide).

    24,90 €
  • 12,95 €

    Fun and comfortable pair of rose-shaped socks. Cotton, elastane and polyester. One size. Other DOIY products.

    12,95 €
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  • 16,20 €

    Musik wall hanger in the shape of a musical score in treble clef. Made of metal for great strength and durability. Ideal for lovers of sheet music, music theory and music in general. Measures: 10 x 44 x 2 cm.Other Balvi products.

    16,20 €
    Out of stock
  • 139,00 €

    The KaimoK wall bike rack is the clean and contemporary solution for storing your bike indoors. Handmade with beech or pine wood and stainless steel. Accessories available.

    139,00 €
  • 22,40 €

    Stimulate your creativity with this game in which participants must develop their creative skills by creating a drawing on a photograph of an object. The player who manages to draw the most creative drawing wins. A game to learn to think differently!

    22,40 €
  • 15,95 €

    L'Hòstia Forte 500 ml. It is a pack in medicine format that includes a 1/2 liter bottle of L'Hòstia ratafía and a syringe to administer the sacred liquor. HERE IS THE VACCINE YOU WERE ALL WAITING FOR! Other products by Can Virgili.

    15,95 €
  • 14,00 €

    The Panot de Suro is a replica of the Panot Flor de Barcelona, ​​made of natural cork from Les Gavarres, in Gerona. Suitable for contact with hot surfaces, it can be used as a placemat, centerpiece or decorative element. Designed and manufactured in Barcelona. Available in pack of 4 and 6 units.Measures: 9,9 x 9,9 x 1,5 cm. Weight: 39 gr.Panot mat also...

    14,00 €
  • 33,00 € 55,00 €

    Cactus-shaped salt and pepper mills. Made of beech wood and ceramic interior, corrosion resistant, hygienic and non-porous. A durable solution for your table. Very practical recharging system. Measures: 12.6 x 6.6 x 28.2 cm Other DOIY products.Other DOIY products.

    55,00 € 33,00 €
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  • 28,00 € 35,00 € -20%

    Set of two ceramic bowls designed for appetizers or for a salad with optional sauce. The two bowls are easily detachable so that each guest can use them freely. Once stacked, the bowls form an eclipse. Small size measures: 20.5 x 20.5 x 12.6cm Large size measures: 24 x 24 x 14cmOther DOIY products.

    35,00 € -20% 28,00 €
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  • 19,95 €

    Oink piggy bank made of ceramic and painted with blackboard paint to be able to write with chalk (1 chalk included). Measures: 18.5 x 20 x 17 cm. Other Balvi products.

    19,95 €
  • 14,40 € 18,00 € -20%

    Cadaqués Mediterranean style elongated glass bowl, shaped like a fish. A different way to serve appetizers like olives, cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes and whatever you want. Small size measures: 36.0 x 9.5 x 4.0cm Large size measures: 44.8 x 10.6 x 4.3cm Other DOIY products.

    18,00 € -20% 14,40 €
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  • 40,90 €

    Brima is a natural sweet wine from a late harvest that was born from the Eudald Massana Noya's interest in researching, experimenting and innovating in the wine world.It is a customized wine with a limited production, which is created using the best selection of varieties from the vineyard in each harvest. Includes gift box. Will not leave you indifferent!

    40,90 €
  • 24,50 € 34,95 €

    Set of four coffee glasses made of green glass that when stacked take the shape of a cactus.Measures: 19.5 x 19.5 x 11.0 cm Other DOIY products.

    34,95 € 24,50 €
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  • 29,95 €

    Fun and comfortable set of 3 pairs of socks in the shape of a sushi tray. One size. Other DOIY products.

    29,95 €
  • 25,45 €

    Hungry Squirrel appetizer bowl with inner compartment for nutshells or olive bones made of ceramic. Measures: 10.5x16x16 cm. Other Balvi products.

    25,45 €
  • 38,95 € 54,95 €

    Set of four long glasses made of green glass that when stacked take the shape of a cactus. Measures: 28.5 x 20.5 x 19.5 cm Other DOIY products.

    54,95 € 38,95 €
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  • 14,95 €

    BABAU Grain mask made by hand of high quality fabric, waterproof, antibacterial and breathable, with ergonomic front seam and self-adjusting elastic bands with rope to hang or without to choose.One size adult. Available in 5 colors. · Other Babau products.

    14,95 €
  • 12,95 €

    BABAU Rapport mask made by hand of high quality fabric, waterproof, antibacterial and breathable, with ergonomic front seam and self-adjusting elastic bands with rope to hang or without to choose.One size adult. Available in 6 colors. · Other Babau products.

    12,95 €
  • 22,50 € 45,00 €

    Set for aperitif consisting of four glass bowls and a toothpick holder. Once stacked, they form a wine bottle that becomes a decorative piece for your home. Measures: 25 x 25 x 12 cm 2 colors to chooseOther DOIY products.

    45,00 € 22,50 €
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  • 13,50 €

    Open Arms #STAYSAFE reusable mask, made of recycled polyester, waterproof, antibacterial and breathable, with ergonomic front seam and elastic bands. Size adult and children. Available in 2 colors. Other Open Arms products.

    13,50 €
  • 20,90 €

    Bucket made of waterproof black nylon fabric and waterproofed farcell fabric. Reversible. Ideal for rainy days.Small size: 54-57 cm.Medium size: 56-58 cm. · Other Farcell products.

    20,90 €
  • 202,65 €

    Eixample leather bag-backpack engraved with the drawing of the streets of Eixample in Barcelona. It has two pockets inside. Zip closure.Available in 3 colors. Measures: 40 x 40 cm. Other Calpa Barcelona products.

    202,65 €
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