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  • 8,50 €

    Memory game Objectes que expliquen històries. Play and discover the stories behind the objects of the Design Museum of Barcelona.

    8,50 €
  • 20,95 €

    Construction game built with natural wood pieces to explore creativity, imagination and skill. Set of pieces of natural wood cut quality with an original design that offers the possibility of building real models of castells.The game that recreates the Castells as the Castellers do in the square and also allows to make incredible constructions with hugs...

    20,95 €
  • 16,75 €

    Basket bin with fun basketball basket design. Made of very resistant polypropylene plastic. Measures: 37x32x32 cm. Other Balvi products.

    16,75 €
  • 9,90 €

    Bic Band is a drumstick cap for pen or pencil to take the rhythm wherever you go. Measures: ⌀12.5 x 110 mm. Pack of 2 units blue/black. Other products Smallgran.

    9,90 €
  • 11,90 €

    Tió teddy made of velvet and Catalan fabric to make bundles.Catalan Christmas tradition now made as a teddy.Filled 100% polyester silicone.  Sizes:Small: 16 cm. · Medium: 25 cm. · Large: 37 cm.

    11,90 €
  • 12,70 €

    Patufet illustrated calendar 2020 with drawings of festive traditions of our country with stickers to remind you of your most important moments! Illustrations by Hugo Prades.Measures: 32 x 32 cm folded · 32 x 64 cm open.

    12,70 €
  • 10,00 €

    White Open Arms children's short sleeve t-shirt with the Open Arms logo on the front, and hashtags #life and #WeStayInMed on the back, in red.Other Open Arms products.

    10,00 €
  • 17,90 €

    Caganer velvet plush and Catalan fabric of making bales. The most Christmas Catalan tradition now made plush. Filling 100% siliconized polyester fiber.   Measures: height 22cm x width 10cm

    17,90 €
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  • 5,90 €

    Boira candies with Ponent mist taste. Small sweets made with stevia, and with aromas of plants that identify with the territory and the taste of the most typical meteorological phenomenon in the area of ​​the lands of Lleida. Packaged in a 250 ml glass bottle. with 70 gr. of candies (24 units).

    5,90 €
  • 39,90 €

    La Masia is a didactic toy, ecological and respectful with the environment. Made with recyclable and biodegradable paperboard. This painting cardboard box will allow children to develop and grow playing. Measures: 90 x 100 x 80 cm.

    39,90 €
  • 10,00 € 13,55 €

    Latex Caganer with air valve sound.The most typical Catalan nativity scene figure symbolizes fertility of the land, luck and happiness.Design: Scaramuix by Cha-Chà. Made in Barcelona.Measures: 8 x 5 x 7 cm.

    13,55 € 10,00 €
  • 16,90 €

    Star Darts is a Shuriken (ninja star) with soft points to enjoy practicing aiming at electronic dartboards. Measures: ⌀68 x 8 mm. (without tips) Pack of 3 units (red/white/black). Other products Smallgran.

    16,90 €
  • 49,90 €

    CREA.TU is a creative tool to develop naturally and freely. It is designed with pieces of wood from the tangible form of geometry. With the direct use of geometric shapes we can connect with the whole environment and represent everything that surrounds us. Material: 5mm thick wood cut with numerical control finished with slate paint.

    49,90 €
  • 9,50 €

    For the 8th consecutive year Agenda de la Terra 2019-20 is published. An activist and responsible consumer guide.This agenda of the academic year measures the days and our surroundings uniting culture, nature and solidarity. Each week includes a paragraph on environmental education, solidarity, linguistic sustainability and personal growth. Quadern...

    9,50 €
  • 15,00 €

    Natural latex cat 100% biodegradable. Made in Catalonia.Measures and weight: 15 cm x 9,5 cm, 60 gr.Other products Cha-Chá.

    15,00 €
  • 20,95 €

    Pencil wall hanger, set of 3 hangers in the form of colored pencils. Available in colors and natural wood.Material: wood and plastic.Measures: 3x12x4 cm.Other Balvi products.

    20,95 €
  • 8,50 €

    Agenda de la Terra de l'Escola arrives at the bookstores after passing through a lot of schools of the Països Catalans.Designed for primary education cycles, it collects pedagogical contents to stimulate children's critical thinking and self-esteem and make them work peace and solidarity, care for the environment or self-esteem.Quadern d'Aula for teachers...

    8,50 €
  • 16,90 €

    Drac Gaudi Teddy made with velvet and filled with fiber 100% silicone polyester. Measures and weight: 17 cm x 13 cm. Other products Cha-Chá.

    16,90 €
  • 9,50 €

    Pack of cardboard puppets to paint, cut and hook, available in 3 different models.· The Little Red Riding Hood contains 4 figures: Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother, Wolf and Tiller.· The three little pigs contains 4 figures: the 3 little pigs and the wolf.· The princess and the knight contains 4 figures: the princess, the knight, the fairy and the...

    9,50 €
  • 21,90 €

    Rubik's cube with 6 images of Joan Miró's most emblematic works. Measures: 6 x 6 x 6 cm. Other products by Cha-Cha.

    21,90 €
  • 12,90 €

    Gaudí Drac Doll of 100% biodegradable latex with sound valve. Measures and weight: 14cm x 9.5cm, 60g. Other products Cha-Chá.

    12,90 €
  • 16,00 €

    On és l'Estel·la? and On és l'Estel·la. Festes i tradicions catalanes by Toni Galmés.L'Estel·la has not missed any of the historic days that have been held about Procés. Can you find it among the crowd? · Other solidarity products.

    16,00 €
  • 9,35 €

    Gaudí natural hand-painted latex ducklings with air sound valve. Measure: 9 cm high approx. 3 models available. Other products Cha Chá. Made in Barcelona.

    9,35 €
  • 5,00 €

    Rope reproduction of 'El Drac', the emblematic salamander covered with trencadís from Parc Güell designed by Antoni Gaudí. Measures: 7 x 4 x 3.5 cm.

    5,00 €
  • 12,50 €

    The Guia de Tions de Catalunya will allow you to know which are the main subspecies and when you go to the forest you will become an authentic crawler of tions.¿Do you want to try it?

    12,50 €
  • 5,00 €

    Drac Gaudí pencil with 100% biodegradable latex head. Measures and weight: 21 cm x 4 cm, 50 gr. They are sold individually. Other products Cha-Chá.

    5,00 €
  • 12,00 €

    100% Biodegradable Latex Gaudi Drac Keychain with sound valve. Measures and weight: 11 cm x 7 cm, 50 gr. Other products Cha-Chá.

    12,00 €
  • 19,90 € 29,90 €

    Portable cardboard doll's house, with eight rooms to decorate to your liking with the 32 full-color adhesive furniture. Play with your dolls and dolls wherever you go and always take them with you.From now on having the house tidy will be a matter of seconds!

    29,90 € 19,90 €
    Reduced price!
  • 14,90 €

    Reproduction of the classic taxi of Barcelona. Made of tin and advances to rope. Collective item. Not recommended for children under 8 years.

    14,90 €
  • 14,00 €

    How should the day of October 1st be explained to the youngest? This is the challenge of the writer Adrià Pujol and the illustrator Marta R. Gustems, who have found an answer in the form of a book.See a sample (Pdf).

    14,00 €
  • 23,50 €

    A coat hook shaped like a spinning top. The excuses for not tidying up the room are over!It has 3 spinning-tops and all the necessary items to hang it easily on any wall. Material: wood and vegetable dyes. Packaging: cardboard box. Measures: 7,8 x 5 cm. Weight: 0,120 kg.

    23,50 €
  • 19,00 €

    Test your memory and have fun combining colors and shapes of typical pavement Barcelona. 48 pieces of printed cardboard letterpress. Made in Catalonia.

    19,00 €
  • 39,95 €

    El Nan Casteller House is a game composed of three types of pieces of different shapes and materials that allow infinite compositions and promotes spatial perception, free thinking and symbolic play. A great game for small architects!

    39,95 €
  • 15,95 €

    The best way to discover Barcelona in the most fun way and that will allow the whole family to remember all the corners of the city easily through the 50 activities, games and tests that we invite you to do. You will also find a giant map, beastly stickers, cut out to give volume to your adventure, a customizable passport and many other things!

    15,95 €
  • 3,95 €

    Tumbler caganer with shirt, belt and barretina. When you wind it up, it makes somersaults!They are sold individually.Tumbler donkey also AVAILABLE.

    3,95 €
  • 3,95 €

    Winding Tumbler Catalan donkey. Ideal to revolutionize any crib or table. When you wind it up, it makes somersaults! Available in two colours.Measures: 7 x 6 x 3 cm. They are sold individually.

    3,95 €
  • 9,95 €

    Selection of illustrated children's books about Catalan tradition and culture. Age: From 4 years. Genre: Illustrated albums. Dimensions: 24 x 24 cm. Pages: 24-40-72Editorial: La Galera

    9,95 €
  • 19,90 €

    Magnetic wooden letter set ideal for putting on the fridge or wherever you want. Awaken your creativity and that of the little ones!

    19,90 €
  • 19,90 €

    Reproduction of the historic Tramvia Blau Barcelona-Tibidabo. A piece of collection made of tin and that advances to rope. Measures: 17.5 x 12 x 6 cm. Weight: 154 gr.Measures: 17,5 x 12 x 6 cm.Weight: 154 gr.

    19,90 €
  • 11,90 €

    Check how the fisherman, despite the swinging, keeps its balance all the time.Illustration: Canseixanta. Packaging: cardboard box. Measures: 25 cm. Box size: 9 x 31 cm. Sold separately. 3 models to choose.

    11,90 €
  • 16,50 €

    Chess game recycled cardboard, the right to play is won after a small stage assembly of the pieces, just click together and play!The game is presented flat for convenient storage and transport, and the board and pieces are easily assembled.Board measures: 29 x 29 cm. Box measures: 29,6 x 29,6 x 1 cm. Weight: 0,4 kg.

    16,50 €
  • 18,00 €

    Birds of Catalonia are pieces of pre-cut stained pulp art paper and marked to fold. Paper figures to do it well for yourself! 6 models to choose from. Measures: 21x21cm. Weight: 85gr.

    18,00 €
  • 15,00 € 19,90 €

    Blocks of solid wood of great quality of geometric forms that allow to make a Nan Casteller and a enxaneta, besides all the constructions own of some blocks.The little ones already have the blocks of natural wood to make a Nan and a giant enxaneta!

    19,90 € 15,00 €
  • 24,00 €

    Ulysses is a puppet made of wood and recycled paper for kids and adults. Our particular hero will show us the way to Itaca. First of all you’ll have to assemble the pieces, then you’ll be able to manipulate it and generate hundreds of different postures. Illustration: Marc Sardà Material: wood and paper Measures: 30 cm.

    24,00 €
  • 20,95 €

    Solid wood pieces construction game to explore the psychomotricity, balance, lace and empathy. Sets of 14 and 34 pieces of quality natural wood. Unique building game in which people embrace!

    20,95 €
  • 33,00 €

    Kit with 6 pinewood stamps with typical hydraulic Catalan mosaic with 3 special inks for paper, wood and cloth. PACK CONTAINS: · 6 assorted stamps (3x3x2cm)· 3 Versacraft colors (black, white and blue/green) · 1 kraft box to store all the set

    33,00 €
  • 15,00 €

    BRAGA + BARRETINA. Bragatina is a textile product for shelter from cold which, as its name suggests, is the union of two known products: BRAGA (neckwarmer) as used today for its simplicity and versatility + BARRETINA so Catalan of all life, always linked to Catalonia's traditions and culture.Bragatina, wear it on your head or on your neck!

    15,00 €
  • 16,95 €

    The casteller world comes to life in 'Cap de colla', a card game that combines strategy and dice and chance to get a castell tower loaded before the other groups. 2-5 players. From 7 years. Approximate duration of a game: 45 min.

    16,95 €
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