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  • 62,00 €

    Backpack Urbanita 100 % safe against theft. Zippers are hidden on the dorsal side and makes theft-proof safe. Sober, light, strong and beautiful! Reversible: in a secure environment, turn it and take it with zippers out. Available in 11 colors and 2 different sizes. Minimum price guaranteed. · Barcelona badge Gift.Other products by Urbanita.

    62,00 €
  • 43,00 € 64,00 €

    Lampanot, the light of Barcelona. A portable and rechargeable lamp, a tribute to one of the most iconic symbols of Barcelona. With three intensities to create your environment.

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  • 22,90 €

    Wooden Hydrualic earrings made of recovered wood and hand painted. An original gift for lovers of the most famous tile in Barcelona. Butterfly closure made of surgical steel.5 models to chooseMeasures: 12 x 12 mm. Other products Pisando Barcelona.

    22,90 €
  • 70,00 €

    Closca Loop foldable bike helmet. For urban cyclists, elegant and safe. Although it is light and almost like a piece of clothing, resists impacts as a normal helmet. Easy to fold and the convenience of being able to save it at any time.It comprises 3 mobile concentric rings hinged together which reduces volume by more than 50% after fold, fits in any...

    70,00 €
  • 14,80 €

    L'Hòstia is the new hardcore ratafia, 35% vol. Green walnut liquor macerated with more than twenty natural extracts of herbs and botanicals such as rosemary, cinnamon, sage, orange, dried anise or fennel. A 4-month maceration and subsequent aging at the Casa Berger winery in Santa Fe del Penedès. Available in 3 formats.

    14,80 €
  • 10,00 €

    Pin Flower of Barcelona made of recovered wood. An original gift for lovers of the most famous tile in Barcelona. Measures: 26 x 26 mm. Other products Pisando Barcelona.

    10,00 €
  • 34,90 € 39,00 €

    Cantirnplora part of the basic concept of the botijo ​​but with the flat and round shape of a canteen. An original design by the architects Joan Cruanyes and Carles Bassó with the collaboration of Pol Cruanyes. Glazed pottery available in black and red. Measures: 27 x 20 cm. Special launch price.

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  • 25,00 €

    Emblematic Vinçon mural calendar 2020 designed by Amèrica Sànchez in 1975 that has become a cult and a classic design. Measures: 58 x 45 cm.

    25,00 €
  • 242,00 €

    ONA is a lineal coat rack made out of wood whose design results from a formal juxtaposition of waves and a sloping plane. Its almost sculptural ornamental value, professional re-known and commercial success have afforded it emblematic status in the history of Catalan design.Measures: 19 x 97 cm.1990 Original design by Montse Padrós and Carles Riart by...

    242,00 €
  • 9,50 €

    Table Calendar Vinçon 2020 designed from the emblematic calendar by Amèrica Sànchez that has become a cult and a classic design. Measures: 15,5 x 12 cm. Other products by Vinçon.

    9,50 €
  • 109,90 € 120,00 €

    Closca foldable bike or scooter helmet. For urban cyclists, elegant and safe. Although it is light and almost like a piece of clothing, resists impacts as a normal helmet. Very easy to fold.It comprises 3 mobile concentric rings hinged together which reduces volume by more than 50% after fold, fits in any purse or backpack.Other products by Closca.

    120,00 € 109,90 €
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  • 112,00 €

    Adjustable Gaudí leather shoulder bag engraved with the tile designed by Antoni Gaudí, one of the most important icons of Barcelona, coating the emblematic Passeig de Gràcia. With inner pocket with zip.Available in 5 colors.Measures: 27 x 23 cm.Other products Calpa Barcelona.

    112,00 €
  • 30,00 € is a new case for glasses made of six sheets of wood joined by a felt.It can also be used as a bag necesser to store, protect and order what you want. Available in 4 colors. Other Eiwood products.

    30,00 €
  • 44,90 €

    Original non-drip oil bottle 200 ml. designed by Rafael Marquina. An icon of Catalan industrial design. Reinterpreting an object of daily use of Mediterranean tradition, Rafael Marquina oil bottle can solve with wit and effectively drip problem, and shows that design evolves objects.

    44,90 €
  • 10,00 €

    Rose Pin Barcelona made of recovered wood and hand painted. An original gift for lovers of the most famous tile in Barcelona. Measures: 26 x 26 mm. Other products Pisando Barcelona.

    10,00 €
  • 39,00 €

    Geometrik bag in thick upholstery fabric with geometric pattern, lining interior 100% cotton. Inside pocket and closure by magnetized piece. Measures: 40cm wide x 36cm long x 10cm base. 58 cm long leather handles. Geometrik handbag bag also available.

    39,00 €
  • 34,90 €

    This trivet is a holder of memories. A stainless steel frame becomes a fully functional trivet as corks are inserted. Save the cork from your next celebratory bottle of wine and add it to this practical collection of happy reminiscences.Collect your best memories!Product selected by the MoMA, Museum of Modern Art in New York.

    34,90 €
  • 17,00 €

    Voltasol flowerpot has a semi-conical base that prevents static nature of conventional pots, creating a slight movement that can be generated spontaneously or induced at will. A handmade piece, with red pottery from La Bisbal de l'Empordà, and subsequent water treatment. Available in 4 sizes and 7 different colors.

    17,00 €
  • 23,90 €

    Catcatifa, natural coconut fiber carpet and reversible. It says Hello when you arrive and Goodbye when you leave. Weight: 1.1 kg  Measures: 60 x 40 x 2 cm Minimum price guaranteed.

    23,90 €
  • 37,80 €

    Copenhagen stackable melamine ashtray designed by André Ricard in 1966. With sober lines and minimalist design and free from adorments, created by André Ricard in 1966 has amply demonstrated the beauty of useful things, and now, a few years later, it has become an almost timeless classic. Measures: Ø7,5 x 5 cm. Pack of 2 units (black + red + box).

    37,80 €
  • 8,00 €

    Hydraulic pin made of recovered wood and hand painted. An original gift for lovers of hydraulic tiles.3 models to choose.Measures: 16 x 16 mm. Other products Pisando Barcelona.

    8,00 €
  • 42,90 €

    Cavallum is a wine or champagne box that turns into an elegant table lamp.It is a 100% sustainable product: its cover is made of certified, local wood and controlled repopulation. Its handle is made of natural cotton. The inner cardboard is 100% recycled and recyclable. Does not include bulb nor wine/champagne bottle.

    42,90 €
  • 30,00 €

    DETRAY is a tray that fits the arm of your sofa or most unstable surfaces to become a stable and useful space where you can leave the cup or cup without fear of staining everything. Measures: 50 x 30 x 1 cm. Weight: 1.2 kg. Available in 4 finishes.Other products from Debosc.

    30,00 €
  • 99,00 €

    Babau bag handmade ​​with automobile safety belt with inner light. It integrates an innovative electronic system that provides interior light with the push of a button. It has an adjustable strap to turn it into multiple forms of bag. Minimum price guaranteed.Other products by Babau.

    99,00 €
  • 48,00 €

    Plush Hidraulik doormat for the entrance or the kitchen. Made of high-torque Nylon imitating modernist tiles with nitrile rubber backing. Among other uses, this mat is ideal for the entrance of the house because of the high absorption of dirt and the anti-slip rubber reinforcement. Measures: 40 × 60 cm. 3 models to choose from. Other products by Hidraulik.

    48,00 €
  • 8,00 €

    3D postcards of paper cut with laser and assembled by hand that when displayed show different scenes with volume. Includes an envelope. Measures: 14.75 x 14.75 cm. 8 models to choose from. Choose yours!

    8,00 €
  • 68,95 €

    SOO Sensitive is a new concept to make massages with oils in an intuitive and fun way. A handmade product made with calm that seeks to devote more time to take care of their loved ones, to know their body better and to connect with their partner in a different way.SOO Sensitive, the perfect fusion between pleasure and design.

    68,95 €
  • 110,00 €

    Citysens vertical garden with automatic irrigation modular design allows customization of the garden, location or preference. Customize the height, the color of the structure, the position of the pots and type of plants.Kit includes: · Modular and customizable structure · Irrigation pump and timer · Nutrients for 1 year · User manualDIMENSIONS AND PLANTS:

    110,00 €
  • 39,95 € 47,60 €

    Case 'COM UN LLUM' with two bottles of wine (1 Cabronet and 1 Xitxarel·lo) that becomes table light. THE DEFINITIVE GIFT!Measures in cm.: 38 high x 20 wide x 9.5 deepIncludes all the electrical system needed to turn the case into light.SPECIAL EDITION.Other products by Casa Berger.

    47,60 € 39,95 €
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  • 50,00 €

    Closca Bottle is an elegant water bottle, designed to change the way we find, transport and drink water. Its innovative silicone flap embraces your backpack, bicycle or baby cart, making it the best fashion accessory. With two plugs, one upper and one lower to facilitate cleaning. Available in 2 colors.Other products by Closca.

    50,00 €
  • 31,25 €

    Tilting paper bin Biel, the bin with more game. Its spherical base is responsible. It is in your hands - or in this case in your feet - how to live it: static or in movement. Designed by Ximo Roca Disseny. Ø 29.9 x 36 cm. - 17 L. Weight: 1.6 kg.

    31,25 €
  • 29,90 €

    Ferran Adrià cutlery is made of eleganet stainless steel, minimalist design designed by Xavier Claramunt. Two services, with 14 pieces in total and presented in a sturdy and elegant case. Measures of the box: 33 x 2.8 x 26.5 cm

    29,90 €
  • 39,90 €

    Antonio Miró backpack, made of resistant material and sober black design. With zip closure, front pocket and reinforced metal handle. Measures and weight: 30 x 40 x 14 cm | 550 gr. Other products by Antonio Miró.

    39,90 €
  • 48,90 €

    Antonio Miró folder with external auxiliary battery with large integrated load capacity. Of sober design and original closing, with multitude of compartments to store business cards, USB memories, in addition to a cover with touch screen for Smartphones and LED indicators of charge status.Other products by Antonio Miró.

    48,90 €
  • 17,50 €

    Catalan Wines Agenda 2019 1Dia1Vi. 365 recommended wines, 20 restaurants and a lot of thrills to discover.Also available in English.Measures: 120 x 160 mm. 388 pages.

    17,50 €
  • 65,00 €

    The Wöwster interactive posters show us much more than we see at first glance. Use augmented reality to introduce extra content to the poster; movement, weather conditions and much more. Paper and special inks of high quality. Does not include frame.5 different models to choose from.Download the application for Android and Apple for free and live the...

    65,00 €
  • 33,00 €

    Canvas bag stamped with the classic panot Flor de Barcelona 100% cotton. Cotton canvas lined interior. Inside pocket with zipper, ribbon with carabiner and magnetic clasp closure. Measures in cm.: 40 width x 36 length x 10 base. Handles of thick cotton 58 cm long.· Toilet panot bags also available.

    33,00 €
  • 14,90 €

    Antonio Miró umbrella of 8 panels, with original and elegant bicolor black/fuchsia design. 107cm in diameter, with automatic opening and soft anti-slip handle.Other products by Antonio Miró.

    14,90 €
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  • 49,90 €

    CREA.TU is a creative tool to develop naturally and freely. It is designed with pieces of wood from the tangible form of geometry. With the direct use of geometric shapes we can connect with the whole environment and represent everything that surrounds us. Material: 5mm thick wood cut with numerical control finished with slate paint.

    49,90 €
  • 18,90 €

    Antonio Miró blanket 125 x 150cm made with soft and warm polar with anti-pilling treatment. Includes cover of the same material to transport it. Available in 2 colors. Other products Antonio Miró.

    18,90 €
  • 39,00 €

    Càntir 2017 for the Museu del càntir d'Argentona, a tribute to the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch on the 150th anniversary of his birth and has a limited circulation of 3,000 units. An ideal jug to keep the fresh water in the fridge, to drink by jet, to serve on the table, vase for flowers, as a decorative piece...

    39,00 €
  • 5,00 €

    Rope reproduction of 'El Drac', the emblematic salamander covered with trencadís from Parc Güell designed by Antoni Gaudí. Measures: 7 x 4 x 3.5 cm.

    5,00 €
  • 187,00 €

    Flor de Barcelona handbag made of leather engraved with the typical tile of the streets of Barcelona. With two handles and removable strap to carry it as a shoulder bag. Interior with two pockets.Available in 5 colors.Measures: 35 x 31 cm.Other products Calpa Barcelona.

    187,00 €
  • 32,30 €

    Ceramic plate with a galet shape, ideal for Christmas soup or for use as a decorative element. Measures: 20 x 15 x 9 cm. Other products by Bussoga.

    32,30 €
  • 69,00 € 79,00 €

    Sunglasses Cosmopolitan by barceloonas, unisex frame with natural wood with quality "smoke" type lenses with UV400 filter. Resistant, comfortable and surprisingly light. Handmade, using materials and processes that respect the environment. Includes: original bamboo box, protective pouch, microfiber towel.

    79,00 € 69,00 €
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  • 75,00 €

    Backpack Urbanita U3 100% safe against theft. Zippers are hidden on the dorsal side and makes theft-proof safe. Capacity for 15” computers with shrink-wrapped case.Measures: 42x32x15cmSober, light, strong and beautiful! Minimum price guaranteed.Other products by Urbanita.

    75,00 €
  • 83,00 € 92,00 €

    Sterling silver pendant and earrings pack with four sardanes figures cut by hand by hand and reproduced with casting technique. Matte or glossy finish and black cord with noose or silver chain to choose. *Now also available with a 3 micron gold plated and gold chain.Measures: 5,2 x 2 cm. Design and creation of Sílvia Altimir.-10% Discount/set

    92,00 € 83,00 €
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  • 11,50 €

    Transparent toilet bag and resinated cloth to make bundles which makes it completely waterproof. Ideal for going to the beach / pool. Made of heat treatment PVC . Measures: 32 x 18 x 4 cm.· Other products made of Farcell.

    11,50 €
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