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Jordi Llopis Design is a design studio from Barcelona. Create new designs for the world of lighting and urban elements, as well as designing and producing new self-produced collections called Brots. The excuse is to design for oneself as self-commissioned, without premises or prior filters, to be able to arrive at a very personal, original and coherent product to offer. This is part of the philosophy that
they want to convey their own collections.

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  • 37,90 €

    Clipa'm is a light of small dimensions, agile, flexible and mobile for any corner. Built from a single piece of laser cut iron. Two folds make up the piece that, from a clip system, holds the screen. Available in 4 finishes. Other products by Jordi Llopis Design.

    37,90 €
  • 20,90 €

    Onda vases are handcrafted in the area of ​​the Costa Brava terracotta of Vocamorta.Approximate measure: 12 x 12 cm. Available in 5 colors. Other products by Jordi Llopis Design.

    20,90 €
  • 17,90 €

    Ring-Ring support, from the inspiration of human hands a support for rings and many other things is born. The fusion between simplicity and elegance. Made of laser cut metal and black or corten textured finish. Other products by Jordi Llopis Design.

    17,90 €
  • 16,00 €

    Xcentric it is a small hanger ideal for any corner. Constructed from a single piece with a single fold of laser cut iron. Create your own composition by combining them with each other. Ideal for hanging masks. Available in 2 models and 3 finishes.Sold individually.Other products by Jordi Llopis Design.

    16,00 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items