La pell de Barcelona


La Pell de Barcelona selects the most representative engraving of Catalan modernism and is inspired by the beauty of this technique to create unique foulards. 100% natural silk fabrics, carefully handcrafted and digitally printed, the perfect contrast between technology, design and tradition.

Measures: 170cm x 50cm.
8 models to choose.

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Natural silk foulards stamped with the sgraffices characteristic of Catalan modernism, finished with a carefully sewn edge that gives the piece a more soft feel in the fall.

La pell de BARCELONA

Sgraffito is a drawing technique that consists of making incisions with a stylus on the body of the object or wall, in the superficial part, so that the lower layer is exposed. This type of cladding is very characteristic of Catalonia, is an element that forms part of our buildings and our cities, is part of our architecture.

La Pell de Barcelona foulards should be manually washed at less than 30 ° C with neutral soap. Rinse the silk twice, the first time add a teaspoon of white vinegar per liter of water to remove soap residue. The second is rinsed with water only. This will give the silk greater freshness. After washing, do not tumble dry, do not squeeze or expose to the sun. Your silk foulard prefers to dry quietly in the shade.

Many irons have the option of temperature for silk, but if yours does not have it, do not worry, use low heat (less than 130ºC) and always with steam. It is also important to keep the iron in motion while you make it serve; if you stop in a single area you can burn the tissue. You can use a fine cloth between the silk and the iron, exerting pressure in a single point with steam. Repeat over the rest of the piece until you are finished. If you want to iron your foulard after washing while it is still wet, you can do it with a cloth between the iron and the piece: it will create enough steam to remove any wrinkles, but you have to let the piece cool down on the table. Ironing before you move it or you will create more wrinkles.

But if ironing is not your forte, we give you a secret: you can spread your scarf in the bathroom while you shower, the steam will make even the most rebellious wrinkle will soften, reducing the risks of ironing, besides being a good choice if you are on travel and crumpled when carrying it in the suitcase.

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