Eiwood case


Eiwood.case is a new case for glasses made of six sheets of wood joined by a felt.

It can also be used as a bag necesser to store, protect and order what you want.

Available in 4 colors.

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27,00 € tax incl.


30,00 € tax incl.

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Eiwood.case is born from the engineering of product design, thinking of new forms for the use of organic materials, thus creating a new way of using everyday objects, and always from the perspective of the connection between object and person. Eiwood interacts through movement and touch.
Eiwood configures its products with the use of noble or organic materials with the intention of innovating to counteract the excessive use of artificial materials, processed and with considerable environmental impact. It provides the organic adaptability between person, product and environment. Constant interaction of mobility, adaptability and sensations with the user.

Generated from a non-rigid geometric structure, formed by six sheets of wood joined by a felt one generating movement between the elements, creating a constant interaction with the user and the protection of his glasses.

And if you do not need to keep your glasses, Eiwood.case serves to save, protect, order what you decide...
Eiwood.case won the selection for its exhibition and sale at the Design Market'2017-18, organized annually by the FAD.


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