Urbanauta U1 Backpack


Backpack Urbanauta 100 % safe against theft. Zippers are hidden on the dorsal side and makes theft-proof safe.

: in a secure environment, turn it and take it with zippers out.

BIG size - 40 x 25 x 16cm. - 16L.
Available in 11 colors and also MINI size.

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72,00 € tax incl.

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· MINI SIZE - 34x21x13cm. - 9L.: capacity for purse, glasses, keys and other small objects.

· BIG SIZE - 40x25x16cm. - 16L.: · capacity for DINA4 documents, tablets and 15” computers.


Water repellent fabric. Local production 100%. The width of the straps will provide maximum comfort even if you take very stuffy. An original product by Urbanita Barcelona.


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Genial producte i tracte.

Productes de disseny de qualitat fets a casa nostra. Regals originals i diferents. La motxilla Urbanauta antirobatori és una passada!

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Contentíssima amb la meva nova motxilla!

Ràpids, transparents i comunicatius, del tot recomanable.
Els productes rebuts en un dia i molt satisfeta amb el resultat.

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