Súper Pinta i escriu


Collection: Pinta i escriu (over 50 stickers).
Age: From 4 years.
Genre: Entertainment Books.
Binding: Spiral.
Measures: 48.0 x 29.0 cm.
Pages: 80.
Language: Catalan.

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· Súper Pinta i escriu el Nadal
Anna Canyelles, Roser Calafell (illustr.)
El Caganer, Els reis d'Orient and El Tió

Sinopsis: It's Christmas...but arrives faded! That's not possible: help Roser and Anna and paint and write their stories. The Three wise men, the Tió and the Caganer will be grateful for that. And when you're done, you can trim them or give superillustrations and decorate your house. And a Super Gift: A lot of stickers and megaletter for The three wise men! Merry and colorful Christmas!

· Súper Pinta i escriu Catalunya
Anna Canyelles, Toni Soler, Pilarín Bayés (illustr.) Roser Calafell Serra (illustr.)
L'Abecedari de Catalunya, L'Onze de Setembre and La meva primera història de Catalunya

Sinopsis: Three stories about our country, illustrated by Roser Calafell and Pilarín Bayés to PAINT and WRITE. With Catalan flags and stickers to paint and trim! With the 'l'Abecedari de Catalunya', you will learn the main words that define our country. 'L'Onze de Setembre' describes with humor the National Day of Catalonia. And 'La meva primera història de Catalunya' by Toni Soler, is the first story about our country, so our kids get to know the land where they live.

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