Benvingut, senyor malestar


Benvingut, senyor malestar. Max was strange since he had his sister, he didn't know what was wrong with him, and he was very angry with his parents very often. But her mother was also confused, having two children was new to her. Then, a goblin appeared and helped them detect what is happening to them and how to connect again. A story to accompany jealousy.

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Since Max has had a little sister, he does not know what is happening to him, he is angry and sad, and above all, conflicts with his mother appear daily. But it happens to the mother too: it is difficult for her to reconnect with her big son and that worries her. The situation reaches a point that, suddenly, a little elf appears with a hat and a briefcase, who presents himself as Mr. Malestar, and who will help them detect what is happening to them and reconnect again.

SECOND EDITION. ISBN: 978-8417756581 · 26 pages · Format: paperboard · Caleta Collection


Míriam Tirado is a parenting consultant, specialized in maternity/paternity and journalist. Accompany women and men on the path of becoming mothers and fathers. He also lectures in schools and centers on the issues that concern most in early childhood.

Joan Turu is a professional illustrator, dedicated to children's and youth literature with visits, activities and murals in schools, and with the illustration of children's stories.

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