Dracs. Llegendes catalanes amb passió de foc


Dracs. Llegendes catalanes amb passió de foc by Joan de Déu Prats. An enjoyment to savor gathered, in a single volume, most of the dragon legends of our territory.

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The dragon is a symbol of Catalonia. If you look closely, you will find a lot of representations in buildings, forges and sculptures. The dragon represents the forces of nature, but, perhaps because of its terrible appearance, it was identified with evil, one of the faces of the devil. The dragon comes from the serpent and it is already known that the serpent was the first creature that tempted the fathers of humanity. In this book we have collected the juiciest legends of dragons, lizards, víbrias, basilisks, marracos and giant snakes in the country, different names by which this mythical being is known. From the Lledó dragon, which guarded the apples of immortality, to the dragon that faced Sant Jordi, this powerful primal force has accompanied us throughout the country's history. Dragons are unsettling and frightening because they fly, are covered in scales, and have fire breath. No wonder, then, that when dinosaur darts were unearthed, they were believed to be dragons. But it should not be forgotten that they personify the forces of Mother Earth and, in this sense, are protectors and custodians. They also protect treasures and tombs of heroes. And they are emblem of our culture. A badge worn by kings on their helmets. And an insignia that looks beautiful, at the moment, on the shield of the Valencian Generalitat.

ISBN 978-84-1356-166-0 · Number of pages: 160 · Measures: 17 x 24 cm · Hard cover

Author: Joan de Déu Prats has published more than a hundred books for children and young people translated into several languages. As a popular author, he has written books about legends, stories and fantastic creatures from many parts of the country.

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