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L’arbre refranyer


L'arbre refranyer, the book of proverbs and popular sayings. Book–game that allows you to put your memory to the test! With the game Thousand-in-branca to discover the treasures of the Catalan language.

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How is it played?

Two questions per player are asked each round.
First, he is asked to finish a saying (the player can choose the difficulty of the saying, deciding how many sheets he wants it to be). And then you have to guess a question from one of our characters: Miranius, Pep Rondaire, Mestre Tites or Drac Buff. During the whole round, the second question will be asked by the same character.

The player who adds more leaves, is the one who wins!

Within the Cordill collection, they present us with a new proposal that the editor defines as 2 in 1 (1 book and also a game).

Thought not only to collect 2083 Catalan sayings, 75 sayings from everywhere, 689 locutions and idioms... but the book with the simplicity of the collection and the attractive design that has made it popular, leads us during the book to a massip (the referee), say sayings that the players have to complete and earn points.

A great book to laugh "al llevant de taula", or to discover popular sayings, little known or very old.

“Any nou vida nova”
“amb el diner a la mà tot el món faràs ballar”
“Qui té porc en la semal, pot passar un bon Carnaval”
“Animal que no conèixes no li vagis al darrera”
“Cada casa és un món”
“fil que penja, botifarra que falta….

Size: 165 x 240mm
Pages: 198 + covers
Catalan language.
ISBN: 9788493608392

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