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Rondalles inoblidables


Rondalles inoblidables de les terres de parla catalana. A selection of the best Catalan fables with the basic tales of popular culture, wonderful stories, customs, humorous, witty, scary... The most popular tales of the Valencian, Balearic and Catalan traditions.

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The fable is precisely the fruit of that need to explain and share the daily experiences that the first men already experienced. When people still did not know books, newspapers, movies, or television, oral narration was the only way to transmit the memory of the past.

The author of this book asks us, are there good Catalan fables? and he himself answers that he is, and that is why he offers us a selection of 28 fables, all of them adapted to be read, listened to and enjoyed in the 21st century.

The adaptation, however, does not break the essence of the fable, but rather the lexicon, and is also accompanied by characteristic illustrations from the Cordill collection.

Each fable is introduced with a proposed reading time and a short sentence that makes us curious about reading.

So you can enjoy from the Patufet, the Joan de l'Ós, the partridges of the Rector of Vallfogona, the mule in Figueta... until you reach 28 fables.

Size: 165 x 240mm
Pages: 208 + covers
Printing: Black and white
Catalan language
ISBN: 9788494290336

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