Manual d'adoctrinament de l'escola catalana


The Manual d'adoctrinament de l'escola catalana is the definitive manual to help teachers to indoctrinate the students of Catalan schools. Òscar Dalmau has unscrupulously manipulated texts and drawings from children's books -published more than fifty years ago by the publishing house La Galera- with the aim of training children and guiding them in the noble art of serving the Catalan cause.

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Illustrated album

Binding: Hardcover

Measures: 20.5 x 20.5 cm

Pages: 144

Catalan language

EAN: 9788418253140

About the Author
Òscar Dalmau (Barcelona, 1974).
From Monday to Friday he manages to make us smile while we have coffee at noon with his imitations in "La competència" on RAC1, a humor program "based on true events" awarded with the Ondas award. And for four years he has helped us destroy Catalan a little less in the role of presenter of "El gran dictat" on Televisió de Catalunya, National Communication Award winner. He is a star communicator. You will recognize him by his perfect diction (he is the voiceover of "Caçadors de bolets"), his impeccable clothing and his large black-rimmed glasses. And for his professional partner, Òscar Andreu, with whom he forms an unbeatable comic tandem.

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