Non-drip oil bottle Marquina


Original non-drip oil bottle 200 ml. designed by Rafael Marquina. An icon of Catalan industrial design.

Reinterpreting an object of daily use of Mediterranean tradition, Rafael Marquina oil bottle can solve with wit and effectively drip problem, and shows that design evolves objects.

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A non-drip oil bottle or oil Marquina is a container primarily intended for use as olive oil or vinegar, which does not drip or get dirty. Its design allows dosing liquid and comprises a transparent conical glass, which allows in turn collect oil droplets falling from the curved pipe and the air inlet into the container. It was invented in 1961 by Rafael Marquina constituting an iconic design that has been subject of numerous copies worldwide. For this design, among others, Rafael Marquina received the Creu de Sant Jordi in 2012.

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Rafael Marquina designed this non-drip oil and vinegar bottle in 1961. One of the most emblematic and widely renowned products of international design and an iconic product that has been copied the world over. This oil bottle cleverly resolves the problem of drips, an ingenious solution never before solved by other cruet designs. A transparent product, stable and clear that embodies the very essence of the best design. Rafael Marquina effectively reinterprets an everyday domestic object that is deeply rooted in our culture and tradition.

Its conical shape at both the bottom and top, one large cone to hold the liquid and another smaller cone to collect drips and act as a funnel to refill the container, also becomes the best way to hold the bottle and eliminates the need for a handle. The base of the recipient is broad, ensuring the bottle is stable and safe. This oil/vinegar bottle is the only one authorised by its designer and is in accordance with the original design that won the ADI-FAD Delta Gold in 1961 and the Delta Gold 25 years 1986.

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