Vinçon Calendar 2023


Emblematic Vinçon mural calendar 2023 designed by Amèrica Sànchez in 1975 that has become a cult and a classic design.

Measures: 58 x 45 cm.

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35,00 € tax incl.

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2023 VINÇON Calendar pastilla_logo_vinçon.png

New international edition, without text only numerical elements. Attached is a sheet of red stickers to personalize the holidays of each municipality, community or country.

Amèrica Sànchez designed for Vinçon in 1975 a wall calendar that has become a cult object. The idea was as clear as its graphics: leaf out everything superfluous leaving perfectly ordered paramount. In addition, he sensed that many people use the page every month as an agenda, writing, or drawing underlining around the numbers. Perhaps it was also the quality of the paper that helped to write easily.

Over almost 40 years of this calendar, we have seen at friend's or customers homes what Amèrica imagined was happening. Some pages have just turned into garbled, artistic, interesting, intriguing, refined, chaotic, morbid, endearing, contemptible, intimate, dirty, beautiful, innocent, scatological or just pretty attractive.

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In 1941 Vinçon opened as a gift shop to be acquired later by the Amat family since the 50s, as owner of the establishment designed by Antoni Rovira and where the Barcelona painter Ramon Casas lived, made a totally innovative approach by contemporary design objects especially those with Barcelona brand, which became his specialty. Vinçon pioneered generate a turnaround in other shops in the city, as it presented a very original offer designer items, stationery, decoration and gift items. This is why for many years was an obligatory stop for local and foreign lovers of design.


The good relationship with architects and emerging designers with the quality and originality of the products made Vinçon a myth, which in 1995 received the National Design Award for his "contribution to promoting design culture".

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