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FORC is the beech wood coat rack inspired by the traditional and elegant shape of a cane. It is made up of solid wood sticks of three different heights. Total capacity of 9 hangers and a support base.

Measures: 176 x 47 x 41 cm.
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FORC is the coat rack inspired by the traditional and elegant shape of a gentleman's cane with a sculptural presence, it is made up of solid wood canes of three different heights, allowing the little ones to hang their coats without asking for help. The iron piece that holds the structure together makes it easy to hang an umbrella inside or a bag outside using hook-shaped ends. As a whole, a coat rack is not only aesthetic, but also functional, offering 9 hangers and a support base. Designed by LA GRANJA studio and edited by Mobles 114.



With the desire to coexist in contemporary spaces and more noble areas of singular or classic spaces, this design proposes a practical and functional wooden coat rack. The arrangement of the wooden hangers, with soft shapes, allows you to hang all kinds of clothes and accessories at different heights. It has also been thought that children can hang their clothes by taking advantage of the metal structure that joins the wooden "stems", also designed to hang bags, helmets or umbrellas. It is a stable, resistant and ideal coat rack for office, offices, restaurants or bars.

Two metal crosspieces made up of 3 5mm thick steel plates hold the structure (or coat rack). The upper piece, which has hook-shaped ends, is located at an optimal height for children and is practical for hanging accessories. The lower part has a 250 mm diameter disc made of 8 mm thick sheet steel to leave bags.
Sets finished with textured epoxy powder paint 80 microns 30% matt, white RAL 9002 or anthracite gray RAL 7022. These pieces are joined to the wooden hangers using white or gray injected polyamide pieces and an Allen screw M5x12 stainless steel.

Made up of three turned bars with a diameter of 32 mm and three different heights: 176 cm, 157 cm and 130 cm. Its termination is a piece in the form of "v" of general sizes 225 × 125 mm, machined with CNC. This shape allows to optimize the capacity of the coat rack and provides comfort to the user. Its rounded and smooth shapes avoid unnecessary deformations in the garments.


The coat rack is supplied disassembled and is delivered in 2 boxes.
Coat rack: Weight: 4.2 kg Dimensions: 215x49x40 cm Volume: 0.42 m3.
Metallic structure: Weight: 6.5 kg Dimensions: 55x55x11 cm Volume: 0.03 m3

The delivery time in case of not having the product in stock is 4-5 weeks.

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