Farcell umbrella



Transparent PVC umbrella with wooden handle. Classic bundle fabric detail.

Measures: 96 cm. de alto. Ø 94 cm.

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58,10 € tax incl.

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Bundles scarf design, made of brown and black boxes, virtually unchanged over time, has become in the last century in the most vivid and endearing symbol of Catalan folk life. Thus, when the business is encouraged in the markets, when the population had to move between the inhabited areas and the countryside, where the figures of dealers and errand people were relatives in towns and cities..., bundles scarfs adopted as the most practical way of wrapping and transporting all kinds of rags and small packages. Its both ends tied system facilitated the package could be loaded directly on a back, on a stick or just at hand. The neutral colours and its heavy-duty cotton did it adaptable to all needs and extraordinarily durable.

Today, when life systems and trade relations have changed so dramatically, the recovery of this type of tissue in all kinds of garments application gets married modern functionality with the taste of the good traditions.

Products 'Made in Cire' are manufactured by inmates of prisons of Catalonia.

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