GLAVERS. Dolç dels segadors


Glavers  is a cream of rice liqueur that goes one step closer to the quality of the well-known Dolç dels Segadors.
Elaborated with the best rice bomb of the zone of the Delte de l'Ebre and with only 17% vol. is a delight for the senses.

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25,30 € tax incl.

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Its lactic notes, with memories of cinnamon and vanilla and the perfect balance between sweetness and alcohol, make this cream an excellent choice for a final meal, cocktail or drink in the afternoon. All this accompanied by an excellent design to locate it in the best tables.
Dolç dels Segadors.

Creamy texture dyed white, fresh, with a tender and slow travel. Delicate, very aromatic to the nose, with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Once delivered to the ice, in the mouth the flavor bursts delicately in a synergy between intensity and sweetness. A special personality results from the amalgamation of passing between the work of the land and the harvest. It is recommended to serve this cream liquor, at room temperature, on ice cubes. In a glass slightly open to taste it in all its splendor.

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