Boira candies


Boira candies with Ponent mist taste. Small sweets made with stevia, and with aromas of plants that identify with the territory and the taste of the most typical meteorological phenomenon in the area of ​​the lands of Lleida.

Packaged in a 250 ml glass bottle. with 70 gr. of candies (24 units).

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In some regions of Catalonia, winter is synonymous with short and often foggy days, without seeing sunlight for hours. Fog is one of the most characteristic meteorological phenomena of these areas during this season. You can see, smell, touch and now you can also taste.

BOIRA candies

Boira Experience
has created some candies with stevia, without sugar, without allergens and with aromas of plants that identify with the territory, and a secret component that is fog! Try them and perceive a unique sensation that will transport you to a foggy environment!

An original product from Boira Experience together with the sweet factory Vda. Pifarré i Cia S.L in Bellpuig (Urgell).


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