Anís del mono Cream


Anís del Mono Cream, from natural anise and some distilled plants, essential oils are obtained together with cane sugar that give a cream with a smooth, creamy and persistent texture.

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Anís del Mono is a classic to enjoy, essential to celebrate the holidays. All the most traditional flavor and aroma, so that the most iconic anise is not missing on the table. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy mixed with very cold lemonade, an authentic and refreshing Li-Monada that will surprise you.

The natural anise seeds and other plants are distilled in copper stills to obtain essential oils, which together with cane sugar, demineralized water and top-quality neutral alcohol to produce anise cream.

A sight: Anise Cream that instantly conquers with the toasted cream color. To the nose: Its great aromatic intensity stands out, in which the notes of Anís el Mono combine and play with soft touches of chocolate and caramel. In the mouth: Its palate reveals a dialogue between the notes of anise and cocoa, wrapped in a smooth, creamy texture, with a velvety and persistent finish.

Denomination: Dry anise · Graduation: 17º · Tasting notes: soft, creamy and velvety. · Format: 70cl bottle.


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