Montsec Saffron


Montsec Saffron is made in a traditional way and following artisan methods, an exclusive organically grown saffron that is characterized by offering the highest levels of intense red color, flavor and aroma for creations in the kitchen at home.

Organic Coupé Saffron
Threads, Category 1 – ISO 3632.

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Saffron from Montsec, an authentic luxury of our traditional gastronomy that you cannot miss.

The ecological and coupé quality Montsec Saffron is the result of an artisan process following traditional methods of cultivation, stripping and drying over a wood fire of exclusive woods to obtain a pure, authentic and unique saffron.
Craftsmanship and delicacy that make Montsec Saffron a pure, authentic and unique product. Some 150,000 flowers are needed to obtain 1 kg of saffron as a spice (stigmas). Each stigma weighs about 2 mg and there are 3 per flower.

The saffron of calitat coupé is the purest and highest quality saffron and is made up of the threads or stigmas devoid of the style. Following the traditional and completely handmade method, a pure red stigma is achieved while maintaining the union of the three stigmas of the saffron flower.

Organic saffron picked by hand and dried over a wood fire.

From the Sierra del Montsec, in the Pre-Pyrenees of Lleida, comes the purest saffron. Presented in a 100% recycled glass jar and cork stopper. Craftsmanship, delicacy and quality that make this saffron a pure, authentic and unique product.

"Montsec Saffron is an artisan product, fresh, perfumed and with the characteristic color like a reddish sun, to excite those who love saffron and to seduce those who are discovering it for the first time."
Carmen Ruscalleda

Recommended dosage:
The flavor of saffron, especially if it is coupé quality saffron, is really intense. In addition, saffron has great coloring power and incorrect use in the kitchen could spoil the dish. For this same reason it should be used in small amounts.

Taking into account that 6 saffron threads are equivalent to approximately 0.01 gr:

· For sauces:
Between 6 and 8 strands or stigmas for every 250 gr of cream or the equivalent of 1⁄4 liter of sauce.
· For rice and pasta:
Between 6 and 8 threads per liter of broth or water.

Montsec Saffron has been awarded 2 out of 3 stars by the Great Taste Awards and is included as a product of the Slow Food Ark of Taste.

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