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Lin i Dot i la vareta màgica del benestar emocional


Lin and Dot story pack with educational guide for parents and educators + the material to make a magic wand.

Lin and Dot are two twin brothers who have not had a good day today...Clouds of thoughts that rain black drops do not let them sleep! It would be great to have a magic wand to make these clouds disappear. Zip zap!

Recommended age of 3 to 8 years.

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Lin is Dot's older brother, in fact they only take 2 minutes, they are twins. He is a very sensitive, observant and rather calm child. He likes birds and everything that can be stripes ...He also likes to have games and adventures like Dot, of course.

Dot is Lin's twin sister. For only two minutes of difference is the small one of the house (if we do not take into account all the bugs that have been adopted!). It is all energy, likes to run, jump, dance ... everything that is moving and, if you can get dirty, better. If she can choose, most of the things that surround her will be "moles", except for her beloved Lin, who is always in stripes.

* Contents of the box: 1 story in Catalan Lin i Dot i la vareta màgica del benestar emocional with educational guide for parents and educators + 1 tube + 2 plugs + 1 pot of fine glitter + 1 pot of sequins.

For families and educators

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