Les clavegueres de l'estat, guerra bruta i corrupció a Espanya de Jaume Grau, scriptwriter of the documentary 'Las cloacas de Interior', extends its content in the book 'Les clavagueres de l'estat'.

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Les clavegueres de l'estat  is a rigorous and documented essay that contains shocking revelations about the maneuvers that during the last government of Mariano Rajoy have been carried out by the Ministry of the Interior to fight against political opponents, be they pro-independence or members of Podemos. Written by Jaume Grau, scriptwriter of the documentary The Sewers of Interior, the book explains, with testimonies hitherto unpublished, what has been the extent of the dirty war that the Partido Popular government has carried out in the last five years, and the ties that this dirty war has with different open cases about corruption. On the other hand, a line of continuity is established rigorously between the bad practices of some members of the police and the judiciary during the Franco regime and to this day. Finally, a historical comparison of the dirty war practices in different periods and nations is discussed, putting it in relation with the structure of the sewers in the Spanish state.

Jaume Grau (Barcelona, ​​1960) is a training biologist and screenwriter by profession. He has specialized in the field of scientific, historical and political documentary. He has worked for La Vanguardia, Público, Televisión de Catalunya, IB3, La Sexta, Canal Plus, Catalonia Radio, RAC 1, Radio Barcelona, ​​and Sàpiens magazine. Among others, he directed the documentary Convivir con el riesgo, Exploring the Universe, Next Stop Mars or the historical counterfactual Viva la República, about an eventual triumph of the Republicans in the Civil War. He was the screenwriter of Espagne, the nouvelle donne, a political analysis documentary produced by the Franco-German channel ARTE (2015) and a scriptwriter for Las cloacas de Interior, produced by Mediapro (2016). He is the author of several essays on scientific reflection, such as La Natura no té drets, or of historical disclosure, such as Carlinades, el far west a la catalana. He has also published a book of stories with the title La sombra de los peces.

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