L'1 d'Octubre explicat a la menuda


How should the day of October 1st be explained to the youngest? This is the challenge of the writer Adrià Pujol and the illustrator Marta R. Gustems, who have found an answer in the form of a book.

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We have been going to demonstrations every September 11th for years. We have done consultations and demonstrations, often with our children. For them it is already another tradition of the calendar. But October 1st was different because our government called us for the first time and all Catalans had the right to demonstrate by voting. To make this possible, many of us slept in schools, we defended polling places, we sang, we shouted, we laughed, we got scared, and above all, we voted. But that day it seemed that the Castañada had advanced. What happened? Why do we voted on October 1st?
Text author: Adrià Pujol Cruells
Illustrations author: Marta R. Gustems
Collection: El Trebinell, 2
ISBN: 978-84947484-4-8
Edition: hardcore
Pages: 22

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