Més Operació Urnes


After the success of Operació Urnes, Més Operació Urnes arrives, the extended journalistic chronicle of the clandestine operation that allowed that on October 1st, 2017 in Catalonia there were polling places in the polling stations and the referendum of self-determination could be held, with new information that they show how the framework surpassed any story of fiction.

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From the testimony of the brains of the operation and its main protagonists, many of them with a pseudonym, we will discover an incredible story that surpasses any story of fiction. From thousands of volunteers a popular network was created, organized in a secret and pyramidal way, which made it possible for the most precious treasure to reach its destination. A story that will undoubtedly remain forever in the collective memory of many generations.

It is not easy for Lluís and Marc to keep up appearances on that day. But they are discreet and, in spite of their capital involvement in the 1-O and the subsequent repression, they are calm. Especially Marc. "What have I done illegal? You can interrogate me, but I have not done anything illegal in French territory," he makes clear. "I am proud to have participated, but I have not done more than the other two thousand or three thousand people involved or the 'bastard' who entered the urn in the town where I was on day 1st," he says with a mischievous smile. A smile that maintains because it is convinced that, in spite of the obstacles, "one day or another Catalonia will be independent".

Més Operació Urnes
· Xavier Tedó Gratacós | Laia Vicens Estaran · Editorial: Columna Edicions · Theme: News | Politics · Collection: NO FICTION COLUMN · Number of pages: 224

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Freedom rose.

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