On és l'Estel·la?


On és l'Estel·la? and On és l'Estel·la. Festes i tradicions catalanes by Toni Galmés.

L'Estel·la has not missed any of the historic days that have been held about Procés. Can you find it among the crowd?

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Estel·la over here, Estel·la over there ... This girl has not missed one! A privileged testimony of the multitudinous days of the last times about the right of self-determination. The great manifestations of the Diada, the registry of printing presses, the 20-S, the 1st of October, a day in the Piolin and the Brussels demonstration are some of the escapades that l'Estel·la has made during the last months.

The Catalan process went on for years, marked by a factor that differentiated it from other popular movements and explained many things about Catalan culture: the sense of humor. Between 2017 and 2018 have been prosecuted (in addition to politicians) comedians, pallasos, satirical magazines, musicians and twitterers, and the desire to joke (also those of laughing at ourselves) have been diluting or bitter. But that's enough: satire is a common good and it is necessary to flee from roughness like someone fleeing hunger.    
  • Author: Toni Galmés     
  • Language: Catalan     
  • ISBN: 978-84-17188-62-7     
  • Year: October 2018     
  • First Edition     
  • Pages: 28     
  • Dimensions: 25 x 29 cm.     
  • Cardboard binding

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