Dit groc, figa i pebrots


Dit groc, pebrots i figa in the form of yellow pins, made by hand of polyester resin by Abel Pruñonosa, sculptor of Arenys de Munt.

Measures: 1.6 x 2.5 cm.

It is sold in packs of 3 units, one of each model.

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9,00 € tax incl.

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The yellow finger is born from a previous collection entitled "Middle Finger", which aimed to create amulets against everything that is harmful to us.

You do not have to be an independentist to see that the situation of the political prisoners and exiles we have in the country is a major injustice. So, fed up with the situation (and more so now when you want to ban the yellow ribbon), this mini pin-shaped sculpture was born to replace or complement the ribbon, a comical irreverence to claim the freedom of our political representatives. But one thing has to be clear, it is not in any case against unionism, it is against this injustice.

El dit, els pebrots i la figa
are original creations of Abel Pruñonosa, figurative sculptor of Arenys de Munt. Make figurative sculpture that deals with various current issues or thoughts that trouble you. Lately he is also investigating the field of digital modeling where he sees an infinite world of possibilities.

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