LAMP IT is a lamp composed by a super powerful magnet and a metallic lamp holder. You can place the object you want between the two, you can change it as often as you like without a drill. Transform a plate into a lamp, or a bowl, a strainer, a hat…

The only lamp that awakens your creativity. Possibilites are endless!

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79,90 € tax incl.

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· It awakens the creativity we all have inside.   
· It provides the perfect dose of personality and interest that each space requires.  
· It provokes the interest of all your friends (and to be honest, a bit of envy also). It is the perfect present to be great.
· Only use LED bulb.

Customize your own lamp.

The magnet is really strong, never join the magnet directly with the lamp holder, and for it a protection disc of silicone comes inside the box of each Lamp It. Also put the protection disc with a metallic lampshade.

You can only use E14 LED bulbs because if it heats up the magnet loses power. The magnet will be more or less powerful depending on the weight and thickness of the object used as a lampshade. The best is to use an object with a flat base to better adjust the lamp and it is straight. You can go by moving the clips in the wire to find the balance and the most beautiful form of the wire.

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