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Soft Shelf is a versatile metal shelf with simple and minimalist lines. The ideal complement for your receiver, to leave the keys, the mobile or the letters. Made in Barcelona.

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Soft Shelf is a shelf of minimalist design that breaks with the tradition of flat and rigid shelves. The flexibility of its material, either in leather or fabric, means that it can be adjusted in width and height, making the leather hang or become more stressed.

The more attached the plates, the more the leather will fall, the more separated they are from each other, the more stressed and flat we will find the piece of leather. Hang this shelf so that it suits your needs.


This small but efficient shelf can be made of two materials: natural leather or upholstery fabric. Both dark-hued materials combine perfectly with the chocolate-colored paint of the metal pieces. These colors bring elegance to the piece, which together with its flexibility, make it a very original design shelf.

The fabric shelf exists in gray cloud version with white structure, version that works perfectly for very clear or white walls.


Soft Shelf  is a small shelf made from the folding and welding of a mild steel plate. To achieve the perfect finish, we cover the metal parts with powder paint and they are taken to the oven for the paint to cure. The pieces of fabric and leather are cut and treated manually in order to fit in the structure in a precise and polished way.


This hall shelf has been designed thanks to the collaboration of a product designer and a leather artist. One without the other would not have been able to design a piece as unique as this, since the leather specialist has provided knowledge about the material and how to treat it, and the designer has shaped and decontextualized a material as old as the leather.

Laura Sala & Diego Fernández ®2018 Registered Design by Coloured.

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