Coke cups


Coke cups. Set of 3 cups, matte finished, made from the recovery of the unmistakable 20cl Coca-Cola bottle. Handled at high temperature, adopting a more organic form. Used the head of the bottle to make the handle.

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Coke cups
The cups are multifunctional, since, due to their size, they can be used to take coffee and special after-meal drinks.

Data Sheet
Material: reclaimed glass
Color: Matte transparent, with shades in Georgia Green
Measures: Cup: H: 7.5 cm Ø 5.5 cm-7.5 cm (with handle) / Box: 8 x 18 x 6.5 cm
Maximum Capacity: 100 ml
Weight: Cup: 90 gr / Box: 295 gr
Cleaning: Dishwasher safe.
Applied techniques: Cutting, polishing, sandblasting, fusion, thermal tempering
Original packaging in Kraft cardboard

* Due to its artisanal manufacturing process, there are small differences in shape between them. The weight may vary due to the bottle manufacturing process.

A product designed and handcrafted in Catalonia by Upcycling Bottles. Juan Righetti, is a glass craftsman who has been working in Gerona since 2014 transforming the bottles that he recovers from garbage into design objects, imaginative, functional, using techniques such as cutting, polishing, sandblasting and fusion, to create practical objects, beautiful and durable.


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