Citysens automatic irrigation


Automatic drip irrigation system for indoor plants and small balconies. Includes 7 liter water tank.

Three models and two colors available: MINI for 6 plants, STANDARD for 12 plants and PLUS for 20 plants.

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Citysens automatic drip irrigation is an ideal solution for watering plants during the holidays. It is also an ideal irrigation system for the daily watering of plants throughout the year, as it allows you to adjust the irrigation guidelines according to the needs of the plants at each time of year. The drip irrigation system contains a 7L water tank with a wooden lid and a water level indicator.



Drip irrigation is the perfect solution for potted plants, although it can also be used for planters and urban gardens, as several drips can be placed in each planter. This irrigation system can be used both indoors and outdoors. Some plants need more frequent watering than others. For example, many herbs require sunlight and frequent watering in small quantities. This irrigation is also very suitable for leafy indoor plants such as ferns, which need constant watering.


MINI: designed for small groups of up to 6 plants. Includes water tank with wooden cover, irrigation pump, irrigation programmer, 5 meters of pipe, 6 self-regulating drippers and 6 T-connections.

STANDARD: designed for groups of up to 12 plants. Includes water tank with wooden cover, irrigation pump, irrigation programmer, 10 meters of pipe, 12 adjustable drippers and 12 T-connections.

PLUS: designed for large groups of up to 20 plants. Includes water tank with wooden lid, irrigation pump, irrigation programmer, 20 meters of pipe, 20 adjustable drippers and 20 T-connections.

All models need a plug at least 2 meters away.


- Water tank capacity: 7 liters
- Minimum irrigation: 33 ml per dropper (1/8 part of a glass of water)
- Irrigation autonomy:
MINI: 35 one-minute waterings (33 ml per dropper) for 6 plants.
STANDARD: 17 one-minute waterings (33 ml per dropper) for 12 plants.
PLUS: 10 one-minute waterings (33 ml per dropper) for 20 plants.


- Water tank (7 liters)
- Water level indicator
- Digital or intelligent irrigation programmer
- Water pump
- Irrigation pipe (5, 10 or 20 meters)
- 3-way connectors (6, 12 or 20 units)
- Compensated pressure droplets * (6, 12 or 20 units)
- Pot mounting pin (6, 12 or 20 units)


automatic irrigation is manufactured in Alicante with 100% recycled and 100% recyclable polypropylene. All materials are designed to last you many years: they are water resistant and do not turn yellow with sunlight. Even so, when the end of the product life cycle comes, let us know to recycle its components.

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