Petit Gaudí Tile


Petit Gaudí is a 1:2 scale reproduction of the hydraulic mosaic that paves the interior of La Pedrera in Barcelona, ​​designed by Antoni Gaudí. Original piece of craftsmanship.

3 colors
to choose from and available with or without support.

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23,50 € tax incl.

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Each unit produced by the Petit Gaudí has ​​been worked by hand by a Mosaics Martí artisan using the original technique from 1904. The piece includes a hand-numbered quality seal, and is sold in a limited edition with minimalist packaging.

· Green Petit Gaudí mesures: 11,5 x 10 x 1 cm.
· White Petit Gaudí mesures: 11,5 x 10 x 1 cm.
· Classic Grey Petit Gaudí mesures: 11,5 x 10 x 2 cm.

You can complement it with a wooden support created for the collection.


Gaudí hid 3 marine elements in the tile: a sea snail, a starfish and a jellyfish. With 3 pieces you discover an element and with 7, the design comes to life and you discover the three hidden elements.

Stroking your fillet has great relaxing power.

An original product of Mosaics Martí.

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