Bevel tile pendant



Hanging bevel tile, also known as Catalan, sail or "mocadoret" tile. Painted and enameled by hand and mounted on a sterling silver base. Leather lace.

Measures: 2 x 2 cm.

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Ceramic jewel mounted on a sterling silver support, a tribute to the emblematic bevel tile, also known as Catalan, sail or "mocadoret" tile, allows the construction of various borders and mosaics by combining it in different positions. We can find it throughout Catalonia, Mallorca and Valencia, under balconies, on facades, roofs, stairs, benches, pavements or walls. Sometimes filling the space by herself, sometimes framing figures or other tiles.

It is already documented at the beginning of the 17th century. Contrast its simplicity of design with the versatility of designs that are achieved by combining them. This is one of the reasons for its popularity and patrimonial importance.

Núria Hortoneda, as a child she was clear about what and who she wanted to be. Drawing and art have always been part of her life. She has completed studies and postgraduate studies to train as a professional jeweler with courses and specialized techniques in the world of the creation and manufacture of jewelery from the city of Tarragona.
Sefa Torné Pelegrí, a ceramic artisan, makes customized painted and baked tiles for houses and farmhouses. "Each piece has a story behind it, let's take care of it and respect it!".

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