Lockbox is a new silicone wallet, with a clean design and high watertightness. With a simple line design and an optimized interior the Lockbox allows you to carry your documentation and some money for your bike outings or during any outdoor activity and even for day to day.

6 colors to choose from. Choose your Lockbox!

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Lockbox-2esquema.jpgLockbox is a perfect combination of conceptual simplicity and technological complexity. Measures 99 x 61 x 19 mm and weighs 65 grams. It comes in six colors, from the most sober to the most striking. The interior is completely isolated from the external elements which makes it valid for uses in environments such as the beach or the mountain. The high watertightness provided by the silicone has to be added a rigid clip that improves the overall safety of the wallet, as it does not open even if it falls. The crescent track ensures a good grip when releasing the system.

The material with which Lockbox is made is the Silicone Platinum, the most technical version of the silicone. It is resistant to temperatures between -60 and 230 ° C, easy to clean, light and long lasting. It is a soft material - ideal for sports with risk of fall or impact - and with a texture very pleasing to the touch. On the outside, Lockbox is designed with minimalist lines; each element has its function, there is nothing superfluous. The same happens in the interior, which has been studied to profit up to the last millimeter.

Lockbox is a product designed and manufactured in Barcelona.

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