Gaudí panot earrings


Sterling silver earrings with aged engraving of the emblematic panot designed by Antoni Gaudí.

Piece measures: 1.8 x 1.8 cm.
Available with snap closure or hook.
A handcrafted creation by Sílvia Altimir.

*Special launch price.

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Gaudí panot is a hexagonal pavement designed by Antoni Gaudí towards 1904 and that has become his non-architectural work with more fortune, the most edited and probably the most popular. The architect projected it in 1904 to pave the floor of the Casa Batlló. Finally, this pavement was not placed due to production delays and was used to pave the floor of the service plants of Casa Milà (La Pedrera). It was the same Gaudí who defined with wax the design of the piece, which demonstrated his skill in the sculptural field.

Gaudí panot breaks with the tradition of the square tile that has an ornamental motif, this one is of hexagonal form. At present the tile is exposed in MoMA, the first product considered industrial design and the consequent revolution that originated in the models of its time, designed in this case with a great variety of pieces to compose similar pavements. Gaudí thus solves with the design a complex and large production procedure with a single piece.


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